Bariatric Times Reader Survey: June 2015

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In June 2015, Bariatric Times published a brief report on a recent United States court case (Access article here).[1,2]

The main debates from the case were issues of patient eligibility, body mass index criterion for bariatric surgery, and informed consent. Respondents included bariatric surgeons and members of integrated health (N=237). All answers were kept confidential. Here, we present the results from the survey broken down into three categories: 1) bariatric surgeons based in the United States (n=80), 2) bariatric surgeons based outside the United States (n=29), and 3) members of integrated health based in and outside of the United States (n=128).

1. Saba AM. United States Federal Court Decision May Impact the Bariatric Community: Eligibility Standard of Care, Preoperative Diets among Debate. Bariatric Times. 2015;12(6):8.
2. Mettias v. United States. Civ. No. 12-00527 ACK-KSC (D. Haw. Jan 15, 2015).


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