ASMBS Foundation News and Update—December 2013

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by Raul J. Rosenthal, MD, FASMBS, and Connie Stillwell

The ASMBS Foundation is proud to announce its newly appointed President and Board of Directors. During Obesity Week 2013, the ASMBS Foundation appointed its new president and board of directors. Dr. Raul J. Rosenthal will serve as president for the 2013/2014 term. Dr. Rosenthal is Chief of General Surgery at Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida; President-elect of the Fellowship Council, and newly appointed Secretary Treasurer of the ASMBS.

Welcome New Board Members. We are pleased to announce 11 new members to the ASMBS Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation is truly fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteers leading the organization and helping to fulfill our mission: to raise funds for conducting research and education, increasing public and scientific awareness and understanding, and improving access to quality care and treatment of obesity and morbid obesity.

2013–2014 ASMBS Foundation Board of Directors
Raul Rosenthal, MD—President
Marina Kurian, MD—Secretary/Treasurer
Robin Blackstone, MD
Laura Boyer, RN
Stacey Brethauer, MD
Bipan Chand, MD
Ronnie Clements, MD
Robert Dougherty
Wayne English, MD
Michel Gagner, MD
Matt Hutter, MD
Dan Jones, MD
Keith Kim, MD
Georgeann Mallory, RD
Samer Mattar, MD
John Morton, MD
Alfons Pomp, MD
Jaime Ponce, MD
David Provost, MD
Phillip Schauer, MD
Bruce Wolfe, MD

Please consider making an end-of-year, charitable donation to support the ASMBS Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation of an amount significant to you will help us to continue building our endowment and ensure that ASMBS members will receive the valuable support of the ASMBS Foundation.

Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation was able to to do the following:
•    The Foundation helped Certified Bariatric Nursing (CBN) Program get off the ground. It became a “double-platinum” sponsor of this landmark program.
•    Several years ago, when the ASMBS decided it needed to have a greater presence on Capitol Hill to help shape the legislative and policy agenda around issues of patient access and obesity treatments, the Foundation supported its efforts.
•    The Foundation has awarded 24 research grants totaling more than one million dollars to ASMBS members for research into obesity, metabolic disease, and surgery.
•    Nearly one million dollars has gone to support ASMBS activities, including the Nutrition Guidelines Project, Online CME Programs, numerous Educational Courses, and the ASMBS Integrated Health Research Awards.
•    The Foundation also provides support for the Dr. Edward and Dordana Mason Professorship at the University of Iowa, in honor of the “Father of Obesity Surgery.”

We continue to work hard to be responsible stewards of your generosity and to be efficient with our operations while fulfilling our mission. Aside from the tax advantages from your contribution, you receive the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will continue to grow and serve those affected by obesity and support the advancement of metabolic and bariatric surgery through education and research.
Visit to get started with your secure online donation, or you can mail your donation to:
ASMBS Foundation
100 SW 75th St.
Suite 201
Gainesville, FL 32607

Once again, thank you for your generosity and forward thinking.

Start the New Year off by hosting a Walk from Obesity. With many individuals setting resolutions to begin their weight loss journey at the start of the New Year, hosting a Spring Walk from Obesity is a great way to encourage those individuals and promote the different weight loss options that are available in your community.
Bringing the Walk from Obesity to your city is a tremendous experience and a great way to bring those affected by obesity together.  The Walk not only raises awareness about obesity in your community but also raises funds for research, advocacy efforts, and educational purposes to help meet the missions of both the ASMBS Foundation and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC).

To access the “Hosting a Walk from Obesity FAQ” and to submit your application, please visit: and click on “Host a Walk.”

If you would like to speak to someone in our office about hosting an event, please call toll free 866-471-2727. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the planning of your event with you.

The ASMBS Foundation thanks Dr. David Provost. The Board of Directors and staff honors Dr. David Provost, who served as President of the ASMBS Foundation from 2011 to 2013. Dr. Provost will continue to serve on the Foundation Board for another two-year term and will become the longest serving member, having been elected to the board in 2007.

As President, Dr. Provost brought passion, intellect, insight, experience, and resources to the table and challenged his fellow Board members.

Thank you David for your service, your loyalty, your leadership and your guidance. And most of all, thank you for taking the time to govern our organization appropriately as you managed your career, your family, your social life, and your other volunteer opportunities.


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