Obesity Medicine 2016 is the Leading Conference for the Advancement of Clinical Obesity Medicine

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This column is dedicated to providing information on the medical management of obesity, which includes diet, exercise, behavioral change, and medication.

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This month: Obesity Medicine 2016 is the Leading Conference for the Advancement of Clinical Obesity Medicine

by Rachel Nevers

Rachel Nevers is the communication manager for OMA, Denver, Colorado

Bariatric Times. 2016;13(3):23.

No other conference covers clinical obesity treatment like Obesity Medicine 2016 (www.ObesityMedicineConference.org). Obesity Medicine 2016 focuses entirely on obesity medicine at all stages of treatment, giving healthcare professionals the tools they need to treat a wide variety of patient cases in practice.

Obesity Medicine 2016 is the Spring conference of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), formerly the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). It takes place April 6–10, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco and offers up to 30 CME/CE hours.

There’s something for everyone at Obesity Medicine 2016. Physicians and healthcare professionals can find the comprehensive clinical obesity education they’re looking for, regardless of how frequently they currently practice obesity medicine. Attendees range from primary care practitioners who regularly receive questions from their patients about obesity to full-time obesity medicine specialists.

The conference schedule is also packed with before- and after-hours events to help attendees get acquainted with their peers, find answers to their questions, and learn from firsthand experience what it’s like to be an obesity medicine clinician.

CME/CE: 6.5 hours
Date: April 6
Who Should Attend? Physicians and healthcare professionals who regularly see patients with obesity, whether in primary care or in a specialized practice, and want practical tips for business management, patient retention, and documenting.

CME/CE: 6.75 hours
Date: April 7
Who Should Attend? Physicians and healthcare professionals interested in learning about a variety of nutrition plans and how to tailor these plans to meet patients’ individual needs.

REVIEW COURSE FOR THE American Board of Obesity Medicine EXAM
CME/CE: 13.25 hours
Date: April 6-7
Who Should Attend? Physicians preparing for the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam and seeking a high-quality, physician-recommended study resource.

CME/CE: 17.25 hours
Date: April 8-10
Who Should Attend? Physicians and healthcare professionals who want to understand and implement the most effective clinical approaches to obesity treatment, which include nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication.

To register, visit www.ObesityMedicineConference.org.

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) is the largest organization of clinicians dedicated to preventing, treating, and reversing the disease of obesity. Learn more about OMA at www.obesitymedicine.org.

Thinking of becoming a member of OMA? Join our community of healthcare professionals dedicated to preventing, treating, and reversing the disease of obesity. Learn more at www.obesitymedicine.org/join.

For more educational resources about treating obesity, check out the Obesity Algorithm. The 2016 version of the algorithm is now available for free online at www.ObesityAlgorithm.org. This version has expanded nutrition and bariatric surgery sections and contains information about every stage of treatment, from evaluating patients for obesity to maintaining long-term weight loss and health.

OMA thanks Bariatric Times for being the exclusive media sponsor of Obesity Medicine 2016.

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