Publisher’s Message: Bariatric Times launches digital edition for United States and international readership

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Dear Readers:

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a new format for Bariatric Times as it becomes available in both print and a new digital format. The digital format, Bariatric Times e-Edition, allows bariatric professional readers around the world access to peer-reviewed, up-to-the minute information vital to all surgeons and allied health professionals in bariatrics and related metabolic fields.

Under the expert editorial leadership of Raul J. Rosenthal, MD, FACS, we are enthusiastic about the ability to extend the reach of the journal. There are numerous advantages to the digital e-Edition, including the opportunity to publish a larger number of original papers, reducing the amount of time between manuscript submission and publication.

As a reader, you have the convenience of reading Bariatric Times wherever you are and whenever you want. The digital version has built-in social networking features, viewing modes and zoom control, and the ability to print and email articles of interest to colleagues, which allows you to discuss the latest research and treatment techniques shaping the future of weight loss surgery any time.
The e-Edition is interactive and offers live hyperlinks to advertiser websites, where you will find more information from the leading companies in the field. Several websites offer visitors access to educational videos, scientific research, and detailed information on the features and benefits of their products used daily in the care and treatment of the obese and morbidly obese population. We encourage you to visit and learn more about the products and services offered by the advertisers of Bariatric Times for it is through their generous support that we are able to offer the journal free to subscribers.  These companies are truly pioneers in the field and have invested in research and development to improve safety and successful patient outcomes.

In March, we will be introducing a new product, The Bariatric Times International e-Edition. This new edition will provide updates on the international research and clinical briefs from several clinical congresses taking place around the globe. The International Edition will offer worldwide exposure for authors and their papers.

Bariatric Times has been created for you and we welcome your feedback. Please visit often and keep us informed about what you like and dislike about the journal and topics that you would like to see covered in future issues. The e-Editions will offer exclusive online premium content not found in the print edition.  If you have not recently renewed your subscription, please visit and click on the subscribe tab.

Thank you for your participation and continued support of Bariatric Times.

Best regards,

Robert L. Dougherty
President/Group Publisher, Bariatric Times

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