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Obesity Action Coalition to Host its 5th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention

August 25–28, 2016 • Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center • Washington, DC

by Lloyd Stegemann, MD, FASMBS

Lloyd Stegemann, MD, FASMBS, is a private practice bariatric surgeon in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dr. Stegemann is a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and OAC National Board of Directors.

Bariatric Times. 2016;13(4):18–19.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is proud to once again host the Your Weight Matters National Convention August 25 to 28, 2016, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC. Since the inaugural event in 2012, the Your Weight Matters National Convention has been the premier, patient-centered weight management event in the country. The theme of this year’s conference is “United We Stand: Inspiring Health.” The theme not only reflects the mission of the conference, but also pays homage to the location of this year’s event: Washington, DC. This event will bring together leading experts in the fields of weight, nutrition, obesity research, and many more together with patients.

For photos from Your Weight Matters 2015 Convention, click HERE

For Pricing, click HERE or visit www.ywmconvention.com.

Focus on Education
Encourage your patients to attend this unique conference. The three-day event is packed with exceptional speakers addressing the topics that are most concerning to individuals affected by obesity, including advances in medical and surgical therapies and the latest developments in nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health sciences. The conference agenda covers more than 50 diverse topics.
From the individual who is just beginning to explore weight management options to the “seasoned” postoperative patient who wants to get back on track, this conference has something for everyone. It is also a great opportunity for those who care for patients with obesity to come and benefit from the same valuable education.
Nurses and some healthcare professionals may earn up to 16 CE credits during the event. While the convention is largely patient focused, more healthcare professionals are choosing to attend because of the unique opportunities to learn alongside patients and gain a better understanding and sensitivity to the issues they face on a daily basis. Attendees will find that the convention offers not only expert level education, but also the experience of joining in the community.

Healthy Living EXPO
In addition to educational sessions, The Your Weight Matters National Convention includes the Healthy Living Expo, the official Exhibit Hall for the Convention. Here, the industry’s companies and organizations display products and services geared toward individuals focused on improving their weight, health, and quality of life. Breakfast and all refreshment breaks will be located in the Expo Hall, which is open to all attendees. On Saturday, August 27, 2016, the Healthy Living Expo will also be open to the public.

Networking Opportunities and Social Events
The 2016 Your Weight Matters National Convention is great venue for networking and having fun. There are a number of social events that allow attendees to interact with one another and share stories and experiences. While the attendees love the education they receive, it is the bonds they form with each other that they seem to love the most.

A Healthy Environment
During the Your Weight Matters National Convention, the OAC strives to create an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. Meals and snacks are carefully selected to reflect the commitment to healthy food choices. Attendees are also provided with a full menu of each meal with all categories of nutrition labeled for them, so they can easily determine calories, fats, proteins, and other important facts about their meals. Exercise classes are offered each morning and afternoon so individuals can try different types of exercises in a safe and comfortable environment, with a variety of carefully-selected options at all skill levels. In the educational sessions, attendees are also encouraged to get up and move around through “dance breaks” and five-minute exercise sessions that help increase activity throughout the day. The OAC is committed to increasing the ways we’re providing attendees with easy, healthy choices throughout the event, and we’re excited to unveil new options at the 2016 Convention.

Spread the Word, Encourage Attendance
There are so many great benefits to bringing individuals to this meeting, and as a healthcare professional you can play an important role in helping to bring individuals with a desire to learn more about weight and health to this event. Here’s how you can help bring more individuals to the convention:
•    Tell your patients about the Your Weight Matters National Convention. Everything we do starts and ends with our patients. This event may help inspire and motivate patients to maintaining healthy living.
•    Encourage other members of your staff to attend. Learn about the latest research from experts with the option to also earn CE credits.
•    Donate to the OAC’s Convention Scholarship Program to bring underserved individuals to the meeting. The OAC’s Convention Scholarship Fund is an ongoing designated fund within the OAC, designed to bring high-quality education to underserved individuals actively seeking the right information on obesity, weight, and health. The fund is exclusively supported by the generosity of public donations and makes it possible for individuals to attend the Your Weight Matters National Convention who may not have the means otherwise to take part. Pay-it-forward and help bring underserved individuals to the 2016 Convention!

Share this one-of-a-kind event with your patients. Events such as the Your Weight Matters National Convention is a great way to keep your patients informed and motivated to stay on track with the progress you are making together. The theme this year is “United We Stand: Inspiring Health” and it is our message for you—stand with your patients at this conference and feel the inspiration to live healthier.

To learn more and to register, visit http://www.YWMconvention.com. The website has additional resources that you can utilize to help spread the word: newsletter blurbs, social networking posts and tweets, convention logo, Facebook event page, and the official Your Weight Matters National Convention Facebook page.

You may also e-mail the OAC (mailing [email protected]) for flyers and other materials to share with your patients.

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